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South West Design + Digital Student Awards

2020 Finalist Brochure

Showcasing the best of South-West of England and Wales

Working in the creative industries can be tough. It takes a combination of talent, knowledge and hands-on experience to excel in this competitive space. And those same principles apply to creative study. But what about the gap between the two – the gap between work and education?

The South West Design + Digital Student Awards were launched by Roger Proctor MBE as part of his ongoing campaign to tackle how institutions approach design education.
As Founder and Managing Director of Proctor + Stevenson Limited, for years Roger had noticed that design graduates often had exceptional talent, but little commercial understanding. And that’s a problem, when our job is creating concepts with commercial, cultural or social demand – concepts which clients and customers will buy into.

Frustrated by the lack of creative recognition west of London, he also wanted to do something to celebrate talent in the South West of England and Wales. The regions are bursting with creative flair, with their vibrant cities, bustling creative networks, and brimming art venues. Proctors itself was founded in Bristol in 1979, and has made its home here ever since, attracting talent and clients alike from across the globe.

And so, for final-year students – those with the most urgent need for a leg up into the industry – the SWDDS Awards offer unparalleled opportunities. Industry exposure. Recognition for their hard work. Contact with industry-leading creatives. Advice from an expert panel of judges. Creative connections. Artistic justification.
Credit, rewards and the opportunity for work.

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